Building the Next Generation Digital Ecosystem and Loyalty Platform in SEA & South Asia

We are an acquisitions focused company building the next-generation consumer ecosystem.

Generating customer loyalty and revenues for merchants and ease of transaction for consumers.

About Society Pass
Society Pass (Nasdaq: SOPA) is building the next generation loyalty and data-focused marketing platform in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Our ecosystem of technology-enabled companies synergistically work together to transform how consumers and merchants interact with one another.
It’s all about generating customer loyalty and revenues for merchants and ease of transaction for consumers. As more merchants and consumers in SEA and South Asia register on our Society Pass platform, more transaction data is generated. With more data generation, there are more opportunities for creating loyalty from consumers to merchants.


Registered Consumers


Merchants or Brands


Interconnected Operating Platfroms

Our 5 Verticals
Society Pass acquires leading companies and partners run by seasoned entrepreneurs in the following industry verticals.


Increasing customer loyalty to merchants in SEA and South Asia.


The size of SEA's middle class is exploding with ever increasing demand for apparels to accessories to beauty to home furnishings.


Globalisation and regionalisation are creating new business models within the travel industry.


Lets face it. Asians love to eat and with the rise of e-commerce, online shopping and delivery, the food & beverage vertical has grown like never before.


SEA’s consumer retail center is rapidly expanding with rests cafe bars malls and stores all servicing SEA’s emerging middle class.

Our Business Units
Through the acquisition of market-leading companies and partnership with visionary entrepreneurs, we meet the Asia's growing demand for better services in 5 distinct verticals: loyalty, lifestyle, travel, food & beverage and merchant software.


Society Pass aims to re-define loyalty for merchants and consumers in SEA. And by the fourth quarter of 2021, Society Pass will launch our SoPa Loyalty App and Loyalty Marketplace so that our consumers to earn and redeem universal Society Points with any of our merchants.


As the leading flash sales lifestyle e-commerce retail company in Vietnam, and Leflair App sell products in three separate verticals -- fashion & accessories, beauty & personal care, and home & life.


#HOTTAB functions both online and offline and facilitates transactions, orders, voucher redemption, and rewards. Merchants only need a smart device in order to quickly access the #HOTTAB product ecosystem through #HOTTAB POS App & #HOTTAB Biz. provides an analytic dashboard for merchants to analyze their daily orders and top selling items. The dashboard offers multichannel communication, self-service features, PR Capability, marketing functionality, and Live Chat.