Society Pass

LOYALTY and DATA. Saving time and money, providing convenience, for consumers and merchants. Ready today in Southeast Asia.

Serving Southeast Asia’s (SEA) consumer/retail sectors, SoPa’s marketing platform creates PERMANENT CUSTOMER LOYALTY for merchants through the circulation of our Society Points (loyalty points). Our Society Points are universal and merchant agnostic, which means our CONSUMERS can use them at hundreds of thousands of MERCHANT locations throughout SEA.

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  • Consumer Application

    Our consumer app acts as all-in-one universal loyalty points, online ordering, and in-store payments app.

    • What Consumers Actually Want
    • SoPa allows CONSUMERS the deals they want, when they want them, from merchants they love, with universal and merchant agnostic Society Points.

    • Agnostic Points
    • Society Points can be earned with any merchant and redeemed with any other merchant for any product or service.

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  • Merchant Application

    Our 'Loyalty as a Solution' merchant app acts as a powerful virtual sales and marketing platform.

    • Complete Platform
    • SoPa provides our MERCHANTS with an online marketplace, dedicated POS solution, payment infrastructure, loylaty admin, customer profile analytics, and SME finacing packages, all of which attract and retain consumers through personalised, data-driven engagement with greater profitability.

    • POS in Your Pocket
    • Our merchant application and all of its features, including a comprehensive POS, function online or offline, allowing transactions, redemptions, orders, and rewards to continue interrupted even in a power outage. Merchants only need a single phone, tablet, or computer in order to be able to engage our entire platform. No need for cash machines, receipt printers, or any other equipment in order to accept online orders and in-store payments by cash, credit, debit, bank, or Society Points.

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