Leflair Group is expected to be listed on Nasdaq by the end of 2022

The return of LFG, an e-commerce platform specializing in fashion, under the support of SoPa (Society Pass) is even more surprising when one of the founders of the former Leflair takes the executive position. Ms. Pamela Aw Young, Group COO of SoPa, said it was undeniable that the decision to choose Mr. Loic Gautier as CEO of LFG in the eyes of the majority was seen as a risk, but it was a choice. respectable.

Since the official IPO, listed on Nasdaq, SoPa’s strategy has focused on M&A activities of companies with online platforms operating in 6 verticals: lifestyle, F&B, travel, public software technology for business (B2B software), online advertising and loyalty platform in 3 markets Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

Therefore, human resources are the top concern of SoPa. The company tends to find senior personnel who have been running Leflair since the early days to make the most of their experience.

However, as a multinational company, all decisions related to the Company’s strategy and operations are passed through the Members’ Council, which is closely structured and goes through many decision layers to minimize risks. risk and increase efficiency in business.
LFG’s fashion segment, or lifestyle, is divided into a core segment by SoPa and separate from the rest, so LFG will operate similarly to SoPa as an M&A to create a separate ecosystem. .

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