Pamela Aw Young, SoPa’s Chief of Operations shared about the operation and future of Leflair Group after the restructuring; SoPa’s strategy to expand and dominate the Southeast Asian market.

In the framework of announcing the restructuring of Leflair Group (LFG), launching a new CEO and appointing the position of General Director of Operations for LFG, Ms. Pamela Aw Young, Group COO of SoPa – General Director of Operations After the restructuring of SoPa, the investor of LFG shared about the operation management and future of LFG after the restructuring, as well as SoPa’s strategy of expanding and dominating the Southeast Asian market.

After restructuring, what will Leflair look like and structure?

Immediately after the restructuring, the Leflair platform will become a backbone platform for the expansion of the Leflair Group.

With this restructuring, Leflair Group’s model can be considered as a way to re-imagine the retail supply chain.

Currently, Leflair Group is focusing on looking to acquire companies for its ecosystem, for example, at the top of the supply chain, there are distributors, maybe marketing solution providers, retail units. forwarding, warehousing… When combining these companies in the same ecosystem, it will help create profits for businesses and corporations in general.

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