#HOTTAB: This Company’s POS Solution Could Be Enhancing A Growing Asian Food And Beverage Service Market

Founded in January 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the company offers a multilingual POS application that enables restaurants, cafes, bars and stores to manage their businesses.

#HOTTAB says it offers tools that let businesses connect with their customers, manage orders and tables and access real-time reports and insights through their mobile phones or tablets.

It also enables them to connect with their printer and manage printouts, functioning online and offline and facilitating transactions, orders, voucher redemption, and rewards.

Merchants only need a smart device to quickly access the #HOTTAB product ecosystem through #HOTTAB POS App and #HOTTAB Biz. Hottab.net provides an analytic dashboard for merchants to analyze their daily orders and top-selling items.

The dashboard offers multichannel communication, self-service features, public relations (PR) capability, marketing functionality and live chat.

#HOTTAB states that its POS is a comprehensive, easy-to-use POS solution for businesses big and small, while #HOTTAB Biz is a loyalty and analytics app that transforms physical stores of all types into digitized storefronts.

The company reports that it provides food and beverage solutions to its partners — including Zaika, Maison de Tet décor and The Moose & Roo — along with professional customer care services from experts across Vietnam and other parts of SEA.

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