In September 2021, Society Pass (owner of Leflair – a luxury consumer goods shopping platform and Hottab – a restaurant and hotel management software) officially partnered with MyRewards – a loyalty management application which is part of the Rainbow Group’s application and platform ecosystem. This is part of Society Pass’s long-term strategy to increase its market share in Vietnam, to establish and expand a loyal customer base for itself and its strategic partners.

Mr. Raynauld Liang – Chief Operating Officer of Society Pass shared:

“The partnership between Society Pass and MyRewards is a breakthrough in Society Pass’s development journey. I think loyalty programs will continue to flourish and thrive in the future.”

Mr. Amit Sharma – Chief Product Owner of Rainbow Group also affirmed:

“MyRewards application and Rainbow Group are confident that this partnership will help both parties benefit through the application of information technology, enhancing shopping points accumulation features to create a network of great loyalty programs and platforms in Vietnam.”

Increase the loyal customer base for Society Pass’s partners

With this strategic partnership, Society Pass can take advantage of the large customer base from MyRewards, along with its existing technology solutions to increase customer loyalty for Society Pass’s sub-brands and sub-business units.

MyRewards is currently deploying in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, it will expand its operations to other major cities such as Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho, etc. and this will further develop Society Pass’s market share in Vietnam.

Bring outstanding benefits and rewards to consumers

The upgraded version of MyRewards application is designed to simplify customers’ shopping journey, enabling them to convert their daily essential payments into reward points.

After partnering and integrating with Society Pass applications, customers can redeem reward points for incentives when shopping for branded goods at Leflair or using services at restaurants, hotels, and travel agencies that are part of Society Pass’s system nationwide.

Convenient shopping and reward points collection for customers through the partnership

The MyRewards application helps Society Pass develop a closer relationship with potential customers, thereby providing customers with personalized discounts and offers. This will definitely make a difference and add on to the competitive advantage for both platforms over other competitors in the market.

Meet future shopping trends

The market opportunity for e-commerce companies in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular is huge. Especially after the impacts of the global pandemic, consumer spending behavior has shifted rapidly to online means and platforms.

This strategic cooperation between Society Pass and MyRewards promises to bring great experiences to customers and become a potential online shopping and loyalty ecosystem in the future.

Society Pass: Established in 2018, Society Pass is currently Southeast Asia’s largest online user ecosystem, connecting online shopping platforms and leading technology companies with the desire to use technology to transform consumer spending behavior.

Through mergers and acquisitions of companies within the ecosystem (from e-commerce, travel, smart logistics/smart logistics, to F&B services), Society Pass creates new opportunities, leveraging shared resources and extensive experience from seasoned international and regional management teams to help these companies expand faster and improve service quality.

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MyRewards: Part of the Rainbow Group’s technological ecosystem, this application is a rapidly growing multi-channel loyalty platform in Vietnam.

The Rainbow Group ecosystem includes digital products based on technology and artificial intelligence to provide solutions to increase customer loyalty for consumer brands, insurance, financial or retail customers, and sales team management.

The upgraded version of MyRewards is designed to simplify customers’ shopping journey, enabling them to convert their daily essential payments into reward points.

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