About Us!

Society Pass (SoPa) is LOYALTY and DATA on millions of transactions DAILY.

Serving Southeast Asia’s consumer/retail sectors, SoPa’s marketing platform and ecosystem creates PERMANENT CUSTOMER LOYALTY based on DATA for merchants through the transactions using our agnostic Society Points. Consumers can use our universal Society Points at hundreds of thousands of Merchant locations throughout Southeast Asia. SoPa also allows Consumers personalized deals from merchants they love, where they can freely and easily spend their Society Points.

SoPa provides our Merchants with SoPa.asia – online marketplace, #HOTTAB POS – dedicated POS solution, payment infrastructure, loyalty management, customer profile analytics, and SME financing packages, all of which attract and retain consumers through personalized, data-driven engagement with greater profitability.

Dual facing technology platforms

SoPa offers B2B and B2C solutions with website and mobile app tools targeting merchants and consumers respectively.

Merchant Analytics Application

On the merchant side, downloadable on Google Play and iOS, our loyalty and analytics admin transforms stores of all types and sizes into digitized storefronts with effective customer loyalty programs and fully integrated mobile POS. Unlike our competition, we don’t charge commissions to our merchants for online orders, making our platform the clear choice for merchants of all sizes. All a merchant needs to join our platform is a phone and five minutes.

Merchant Storefront Website

Our merchant storefront acts as a virtual sales and marketing platform for merchants on our platform and scales alongside your business needs. Try it now at SoPa.asia.

Mobile Consumer Application

On the consumer side, downloadable on Google Play and iOS, our consumer app, “SoPa App,” organizes users’ spending and banking activities, while simultaneously presenting them with intelligently selected exclusive offers and allowing users to earn and redeem universal Society Points with any merchant.

A Connected Experience

SoPa offers simplicity, elegance, and ease of use, seamlessly connecting relevant merchants with engaged consumers. Ready for download today across Southeast Asia.

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Dennis Nguyen

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Raynauld Liang


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