Society Pass

We are building an ecosystem of platforms and technology-enabled companies that synergistically work together in transforming how consumers and merchants interact with one another in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Through the acquisition of market-leading companies and partnership with visionary entrepreneurs, we meet the Asia’s growing demand for better services in sectors such as lifestyle, beauty, travel, and food & beverage.


Partner & Brand

For Consumers

The consumer-friendly SoPa app and marketplace act as an all-in-one universal loyalty program, online ordering, and in-store payment solution.

SoPa offers consumers the deals they want, when they want them, from merchants they love, with universal Society Points that can be earned with any merchants and redeemed with any other merchants for any products or services on our platform.

For Merchants

SoPa provides our merchants with – online marketplace, #HOTTAB POS – dedicated POS solution, payment infrastructure, loyalty management, customer profile analytics, and SME financing packages.

Complete Platform

Our merchant application – #HOTTAB Biz and our #HOTTAB POS system function online/offline, allows transactions, redemptions, orders, and rewards to work interrupted even in a power outage. Merchants only need a smart device and five minutes in order to be able to engage our entire platform.


Join the Platform

If you run a store, restaurant, or cafe, take 5 minutes to join and start getting more customers. It's free.

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